Engagement Pocketbook

Engagement Pocketbook

ISBN 9781906610890

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Fully engaged and motivated people perform better, enjoy greater job satisfaction, are more loyal and bring the manager and team leader the outcomes they have targeted.

Doug Miller, author of the Engagement Pocketbook, has distilled decades of theory on the topic of engagement to produce the SPARC model designed to help managers on a day-to-day basis get the best out of their people. HR professionals, coaches, mentors and trainers will also find the model insightful.

SPARC comprises five elements:

  • Self-determination (degree of individual autonomy)

  • Purpose (role clarity)

  • Authenticity (scope for self-expression)

  • Reward (spiritual, emotional & financial gain)

  • Challenge (need for learning & development)

For each element five management interventions are described, bringing the model to life and underscoring the pocketbook’s practical approach.